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Before You Submit a Question

The Ask-an-Expert system is designed to answer technical questions regarding the implementation of best practices in the digitization of language documentation. Appropriate questions might include questions about:
  • conversion of legacy data
  • audio and video equipment for field recording
  • archival file formats
  • Unicode fonts for data display
Please note that the panel does not answer questions about linguistic analysis or general questions about language. Questions about linguistic analysis should be posted to The LINGUIST List as a query. General questions about language may be addressed to Ask-a-Linguist. Ask-a-Linguist is staffed by a panel of 60 professional linguists who have agreed to answer questions from the public regarding language and linguistics.
Please note also that the panel does not answer questions about digitization of non-linguistic materials.
Sample Questions
  • What is the best archive format for video files?
  • Is gif or jpeg best for digital images that consist of line drawings?
Note: These questions are answered in the School pages but they are given here simply to exemplify the kind of technical questions that the Ask-an-Expert panel is available to answer. Before you submit your question please check the E-meld School of Best Practice to make sure that we have not already answered your question in these pages.
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