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The content of this page was developed from the research of
Dafydd Gibbon, Bruce Connell, and Firmin Ahoua.

Representation of Niger-Congo Family Tree

Below is a representation of the Niger-Congo Family tree. Most Ivory Coast scholars now assign Ega to the Kwa language family, as shown below. There are, however, other competing theories for Ega's genetic classification. Ega has also been classified under the Kru subbranch, or as a language isolate or seafaring migrant (D. Gibbon p.c.).

Click here for an interactive family tree on Linguist List.

Ega Family Tree

Follow the path of the Ega data:

  1. Get Started: Summary of the Ega conversion
  2. Build a Lexicon: Lexicons page (Classroom)
  3. Encode Characters: Unicode pages (Classroom)
  4. Create an IGT: IGT pages (Classroom)
  5. Convert Audio Data: Audio pages (Classroom)
  6. Convert Video Data: Video pages (Classroom)
  7. Utilize an Ontology: Ontology pages (Classroom)

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