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The content of this page was developed from the research of
Dr. Verónica Grondona.


Mocoví is a Guaycuruan language of northern Argentina, currently having between 4000 and 7000 speakers. It is an active/inactive language with complex person-marking, and a very rich deictic system and morphology.


The Mocoví documentation in the School of Best Practice is comprised of texts interlinearized by hand, and a database of lexical items that includes a Spanish gloss, an English gloss, and a morpheme-by-morpheme analysis and gloss. Also included in the database are example sentences for each item, and comments by the researcher, Dr. Verónica Grondona, who is a data consultant on the E-MELD project. The database was originally in Shoebox format but has been converted via upload into FIELD.

There are approximately 3000 lexical items in the database, as well as nearly 300 sentences in the collected texts. The documentation also includes 8 interlinearized recorded texts, each with a duration of about 5 minutes. Apart from Dr. Grondona's unpublished dissertation, the work described above is the only known documentation of Mocoví.

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