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The content of this page was developed from the research of
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Mocoví is a highly inflected SVO language which belongs to the Southern branch of the Waikuruan (Guaycuruan) language family. Its complex morphology shows most prominently in the following systems.

The Active/Inactive Pronominal System

Mocoví has an Active/Inactive pronominal system. It has one set of pronominal clitics for agentive subjects, i.e., an Active set of proclitics, and another set for non-agent subjects and objects, i.e., an Inactive set of proclitics. The set of Inactive proclitics strongly resembles the set of possessive markers on nouns. It also has an Alienable/Inalienable opposition in nouns.

The Demonstrative System

Mocoví has a complex demonstrative system that consists of a set of deictic roots which precede the noun in noun phrases and mark the absence/presence of the noun they modify, as well as motion (coming/going), and position (standing/sitting/lying). These deictic roots can also function as pronominals and as locative adverbs.

The Verb System

Mocoví has a complex verb form with numerous categories expressed as affixes or clitics within that form; these include negation, indefinite agent, person and number, progressive aspect, location and direction, object number, and evidentiality. Mocoví lacks a passive construction, but has an indefinite agent proclitic that occurs within the verb form. It has a set of locative/directional verbal enclitics that express the location and/or direction of the action expressed by the verb.

Mocoví lacks prepositions, but has an oblique marker which introduces oblique noun phrases.

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