Phonology of Mocoví

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The content of this page was developed from the research of
Dr. Verónica Grondona.


Mocoví has 23 consonant phonemes, 4 short vowel phonemes and 4 long vowel phonemes. ɸ and χ occur only in Spanish borrowings.

Mocoví Consonants Chart

    bilabial  alveolar  alveo-
 palatal  velar  uvular  glottal
Stops &
Voiceless p t ʧ   k q ʔ
Voiced   d ʤ          
Fricatives Voiceless ɸ s ʃ      χ   
Voiced         ɣ ɢ   
Nasals Voiced m n ɲ           
Liquids Lateral    l ʎ          
Flap   r             
Vocoids Voiceless               h
Voiced w     y        

Mocoví Vowel Chart

  Front Central Back
High i   i:     
Mid e   e:   o   o:
Low    a   a:   

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