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The content of this page was developed from the research of Dr. Laura Buszard-Welcher.


The Potawatomi lexicon in this project currently consists of 500 entries used as a sample set for data conversion. This set of data was used primarily to test the FIELD tool, uploading the file and converting it to XML, the recommended best practice archive format. XSL was used to create example displays of the data. The sample data is being edited with the FIELD tool.

More about the Potawatomi data     About data conversion


Two stylesheets were created to transform the XML file into a user-friendly format. The standard format is intended for viewing the lexicon on the Internet and shows lexical entries sorted by citation form. The standard format also includes inflected forms and example sentences. The print-friendly format is a two-column display with guidewords at the top of the page and page numbers, similar to a print dictionary.

Transforming XML   

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  1. Get started: Summary of the Potawatomi conversion
  2. Scan and OCR: OCR or Keyboard page (Classroom)
  3. Linguistic Review of Filemaker Pro: Filemaker Pro (offsite)
  4. Add Text to Database: FIELD page (Workroom)
  5. Convert Data: Conversion page (Classroom)
  6. Map Terminology: GOLD Ontology (Workroom)
  7. Store Text: XML page (Classroom)
  8. Present Text: Stylesheets page (Classroom)

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