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The content of this page was developed from the research of Dr. Laura Buszard-Welcher.


The writing system used here was developed in the 1970s by a team of native speakers and experts in linguistics and second language acquisition at the Wisconsin Native American Languages Program (WNALP). It is a phonemic writing system, where each letter represents a meaningful sound, and was designed for teaching the Potawatomi Language to people who do not speak it as a first language.

Orthography chart

WNALP Orthography IPA Phonemic Value
A, a /a:/
B, b /b/
Ch, ch /ʧ/
D, d /d/
E, e /ə/
É, é /ɛ:/
G, g /g/
H, h /h/
I, i /i:/
J, j /ʤ/
K, k /k/
M, m /m/
N, n /n/
O, o /o:/ or /u:/
P, p /p/
S, s /s/
Sh, sh /ʃ/
T, t /t/
W, w /w/
Y, y /j/
Z, z /z/
Zh, zh /ʒ/
' /ʔ/

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Potawatomi Orthography
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