Sáliba wordlist

 Title  Sáliba wordlist
 Creator  Morse, Nancy L.
 Created  1996-02-15
 Issued  2003-01-??
 Contributor  Humeje, Angel Eduardo [Sáliba responses]
 Contributor  Humeje, Saúl [Spanish prompts]
 Contributor  Morse, Nancy L. [recording, transcription]
 Contributor  Frank, Paúl [digitization]
 Contributor  Simons, Gary [programming]
 Description  A recording of a 375-item wordlist of Sáliba elicited in Spanish. The responses are transcribed in IPA and aligned to the recording.
 Format  text/xml
 Format  audio/wav
 Format  The WAV file is sampled at 16 bits and 44KHz. Total extent is 217M (42 minutes).
 Language  Spanish [Code: es]
 Language  English [Code: en]
 Language  Sáliba [Code: x-sil-SLC]
 Coverage  Colombia
 Type  Text
 Type  Sound
 Identifier  http://www.sil.org/???/SLC_wordlist.xml
 Requires  http://www.sil.org/???/SLC_recording.wav
 HasFormat  http://www.sil.org/???/SLC_wordlist.html
 Publisher  SIL International
 Rights  © 2002 SIL International
 Rights  These materials are copyrighted and may be used under the standard terms of Fair Use.

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