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The content of this page was developed from the data of Dr. K. David Harrison.

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Tofa belongs to the northern (or north-eastern) branch of the Turkic family and to the Sayan areal group (Comrie 1981) and is spoken in southern Siberia, Russia. It shows considerable Mongolian influence and substrate effects of an earlier, now extinct language, probably of the Yeniseyan family (Janhunen 1993).

During field expeditions in 2000 and 2001, David Harrison collected new Tofa data and confirmed facts reported by Rassadin (1971, 1983), the only linguistic study of Tofa. The new material will put us on the path to an adequate grammar of Tofa, for which existing documentation is completely insufficient. Since the new documentation consists of annotated audio and video recordings, we will be able to use this language as an example for aligning video with the transcriptions and audio on the web-accessible database system being demonstrated here.

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  1. Get Started: Summary of the Tofa conversion
  2. Digitize Video: Video page (Classroom)
  3. Annotate Video: Annotation page (Classroom)
  4. Store Text: XML page (Classroom)
  5. Present Video: Stylesheets page (Classroom)

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