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IMDI / OLAC Comparison

OLAC IMDI Comments
(based on Dublin Core) (designed in collaboration with linguists at MPI)
Identifier Identifier
Title Title IMDI: for the session/bundle/resource
OLAC: not specified, but probably the file
   Age, sex, first language...
In both cases, Role will probably identify primary creators (copyright holders) from other contributors
Language Language IMDI: language "of interest"
OLAC: language the file is in
Subject.language Resource.language IMDI: language file is in
OLAC: language of interest
Date Date date created (recording, for IMDI)
Type.linguistic Genre keywords describing intellectual content (e.g. wordlist, grammar, dataset, discourse)
Genre keywords specifically about (recorded) discourse (e.g. narrative)
Coverage Place should be place created, esp. for recordings
Description Description
Rights Access
in both, basically a prose expression of conditions, license agreement, etc. (Note: MPI/DOBES requires signatures on a Code of Conduct, separate doc that governs uses of archived materials)
   various extensions?
IMDI specifies a detailed set of characteristics of each file in the sessions bundle
Communication context
   interactive, elicited, observer_present...
Project information
   title, acronym, contact
   contact information
Any DC element - References

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Metadata Comparison Table
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