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Finding server space

In order to make a website, you have to upload all files that will be used (web pages, images, video and audio files) to a server. Once the information is on a server, it may be accessed on the internet. While the server is not an archive, it does enable you to disseminate resources and information to a wide internet audience.

You may be able to obtain free server space at your instution or at academic sites. These are probably the best option, because they are non-proprietary; they are therefore more likely to retain the files for a longer time, and less likely to impose stringent restrictions on content and space usage. The more tech savvy may also be able to purchase and maintain their own servers, which range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, even these servers might not maintain the files forever, so it is important that you realize that a server is NOT an archive.

If these options are not available to you, a google search will reveal many services that will provide server space for a reasonable fee. However, it is important to review any restrictions they have on space and content - some may not offer enough space for audio files and few will offer enough space for video files, and some may severely restrict what you may post on your site. It may prove necessary to use multiple services in order to get all the content you want on the site - one for text, another for images, another for video files, etc.

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Uploading files

In order to get your files onto a server, you'll need to upload them using an ftp or sftp client. Sftp is secure, and is therefore the optimal choice. These clients easily found via a google search, and many are free to download. In 2006, Filezilla was a popular client for PCs and Fugu was for Macs. In order to move the files from your own computer to the server, you typically need to specify the address of your server file space and drag the files over from you local address (i.g., your own computer). The exact protocol varies according to the sftp client used.

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