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What kinds of tools should I use?

Before collecting data, it is a good idea to be aware of the various methods of recording and digitizing it. For advice on what factors should be considered in selecting software, as well as information about existing software, please visit the Classroom's Software page.

Which tools are available?

For information on software and hardware tools available, visit the Toolroom.

How should I encode text?

To learn about the standard for text input, visit the Classroom's Unicode page. To learn about how to store data in an enduring format, visit the Classroom's XML pages. To learn about how to use stylesheets to organize the layout of data, visit the Classroom's Stylesheet page.

How can I learn more about working with audio, video, images, and metadata?

To find tutorials on these and other topics, visit the Classroom page.

What should I collect when I collect data?

Do I need to collect anything besides language data?

Along with data, it is imperative to collect data about the data (metadata). To learn about metadata and how to compile it, visit the Classroom's Metadata page. To learn about and use the OLAC Repository Editor (ORE), a tool for metadata creation, visit the Workroom's Metadata page.

What linguistic information should I collect?

Of course, it is also necessary to collect language data. To learn how to collect material and build a corpus, visit the Classroom's Archives page. To learn how to create a lexicon, visit the Workroom's Lexical Analysis and Output page.

How have other community members done it all?

To read an example of a community member's contribution to language documentation, visit the Monguor Case Study. To read more examples of digital language documentation, visit the other Case Studies. To learn about other documentation projects, in the light of best practices, visit the Documentation Projects section of the Case Studies and the UNESCO Register of Good Practices in Language Preservation.

To join in discussions about researching and preserving endangered languages in a language-specific online forum, visit the Queryroom.

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