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Aristar-Dry, H. 2004. Metadata.  Presentation at E-MELD Symposium on
       "Endangered Data vs. Enduring Practice," LSA, Boston, MA. [Power Point]

Bird, S. & Simons, G. 2004. Building an Open Language Archives Community
       on the DC Foundation,  in Hillmann and Westbrooks (editors), Metadata in Practice: A Work in Progress, ALA Editions.
Online: http://www.language-archives.org/documents/mip.pdf

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI). (n.d.). Online: http://www.dublincore.org
       Dublin Core was the first initiative to standardize metadata for the Internet. Although Dublin Core is not specific to linguistics (it was originally created to be general enough to describe anything in the world), the site offers further information regarding the technical aspects of metadata creation.

Good, J. (n.d). A Gentle Introduction to Metadata.
       Online: http://www.language-archives.org/documents/gentle-intro.html
       This document, written by Jeff Good, is one of the most accessible descriptions of metadata for the linguist. It begins by describing metadata and its necessity, and then goes on to show how to create metadata. It includes a complete bibliography at the end.

Open Language Archives Community. n.d.
       Online: http://www.language-archives.org
       As one of the initiators of metadata standards and a harvester (search engine) for linguistic data, OLAC houses a wide variety of resources concerning linguistic metadata on its site. Although some information is difficult to understand without a technical background, the site takes into account the different backgrounds of its visitors. For the novice, the OLAC FAQ section is a good source of information.

Powell, A., & Pete Johnson. 2003. Guidelines for Implementing Dublin Core in
       XML. Online: http://dublincore.org/documents/dc-xml-guidelines/
       This page from the Dublin Core site offers advice on how to render metadata in XML.


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