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AIATSIS Audiovisual Archive . 2005. Audiovisual Digital Archive Project . URL

Andruski, Jean . 2003. Practical Considerations in Recording "Natural" Speech . Presented at the 2003 E-MELD Workshop, East Lansing, MI. URL

Bartek Plichta . 2010. Audio technology reviews for linguists . Bartek Plichta . URL

Note: Please, check out my website for reviews of audio technology for linguists, recommendations, and tutorials. All information is free and open-source.

Bird, Steven, Kazuaki Maeda, Xiaoyi Ma, Haejoong Lee, Beth Randall, and Salim Zayat . 2002. TableTrans, MultiTrans, InterTrans and TreeTrans. Philadelphia, PA: Linguistic Data Consortium. URL

Briony Williams & Canolfan Bedwyr . 2007. Speech databases for phonetic research and speech synthesis development: . URL

Byers, Fred R. 2003. Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists . Council on Library and Information Resources . URL

Casey, Mike & Gordon, Bruce, eds. 2007. Sound Directions: Best Practice for Audio Preservation . URL

Note: This publication presents the results of research and development carried out by the Sound Directions project (collaborative effort between Indiana University and Harvard University) with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities in the U.S. Each chapter in this document is divided into two major parts: a preservation overview that summarizes key concepts for collection managers and curators, followed by a section intended for audio engineers, digital librarians, and other technical staff that presents recommended technical practices while summarizing our findings and experience.

Dance Heritage Coalition . 2004. Digital Video Preservation Reformatting Project: A Report . URL

EU-US Working Group on Spoken-Word Audio Collections. n.d. Proceedings from EU-US Working Group on Spoken-Word Audio Collections. URL

Garrett, Edward . 2003. Quill Driver . Presented at the 2003 E-MELD Workshop, East Lansing, MI. URL

Goldman, Jerry, Steve Renals, Steven Bird, Franciska de Jong, M. Federico, and C. Fleischhauer . 2004. Accessing the Spoken Word. ms. URL

Kolovos, Andy. 2004. Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide . URL

Note: A useful site for equipment recommendations, although the recording procedures recommended (e.g., recording directly to a laptop) are not adequate for endangered languages documentation.

Martin, Philippe . 2003. WinPitch Corpus, a Tool for Alignment and Analysis of Large Corpora . Presented at the 2003 E-MELD Workshop, East Lansing, MI. URL

Michael Cochran, Jeff Good, Dan Loehr, S. A. Miller, Shane Stephens, Briony Williams, Imelda Udoh . 2007. Report from TILR Working Group 1: Tools interoperability and input/output formats . TILR Working Group July 2007 . URL

Note: Different software tools provide various types of annotation and analysis functionality for audio and video. A researcher often will want to use more than one of these tools to accomplish a task. This is often hard, if not impossible, because the different tools are not designed to read each other’s data. Even if two tools, for example, had import/export capabilities that, in principle, allowed them to read each other's files, there could still be incompatibilites in the basic data models employed by each tool, causing some data to get lost or "garbled" in conversion.

Michigan State University Digital & Multimedia Center. n.d. The Vincent Voice Library Digital Audio Specifications. URL

National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH). n.d. Audio/Video Capture and Management. URL

Plichta, Bartek . 2002. Oral History Tutorial . URL

Plichta, Bartek . 2002. Best Practices in Digital Preservation of the Spoken Word . Presented at the 2002 E-MELD Workshop, Ypsilanti, MI. URL

Plichta, Bartek. 2003. Digital Audio, Audio for Video, and Digital Video. Presented at the 2003 E-MELD Workshop, East Lansing, MI. URL

Plichta, Bartek, and Mark Kornbluh. n.d. Digitizing Speech Recordings for Archival Purposes. URL

Richard Wright, BBC and the PrestoSpace project . n.d. General Guide to Audiovisual Preservation . URL

Note: Moderated wiki with information perfect for beginners and the more advanced

Shih, Chilin . 2006. A Phonetician's Guide to Audio Formats . Presented at LSA, Albuquerque, NM. URL

Shih, Chilin; Sven Grawunder; K. David Harrison; Jeff Good; Eleanor Nevins; Heidi Johnson . 2006. OLAC Tutorial, LSA 2006: A field linguist's guide to making great audio and video recordings. URL

Note: Presented at the Annual LSA Meeting 2006.

Squared 5. 2005. MPEG Streamclip 1.3.1. Squared 5. URL

Note: This is an application that converts MPEG files into muxed, demuxed, QuickTime, AVI, and DV files with high professional quality..

Szakos, Josef, and Ulrike Glavitsch . 2004. Portability, modularity and seamless speech-corpus indexing and retrieval: A new software for documenting (not only) the endangered Formosan aboriginal languages . Presented at the 2004 E-MELD Workshop, Detroit, MI. URL

Thieberger, Hinrichs, Cysouw, Sloetjes, Yi, Vaselinova, Langendoen, Beck, Anderson . 2007. Working Group 6 – Standards and Data Models . TILR Working Group July 2007 . URL

Note: The community is very small and can't create and adopt standards in the way that ISO does. In this context, standards emerge from practice so we have focused both on formal standards where they exist, but also on the most commonly used formats, usually arising from the use of particular tools, and these are the formats that should be addressed by any interchange format.

Toth, Joseph, Joanna Lowenstein, and Barbara Need . 2001. MAYA Interactive CD Project . URL

Vann, Robert . 2003. Digitizing and Transcribing Field Recordings of Catalonian Spanish . Presented at the 2003 E-MELD Workshop, East Lansing, MI. URL

Whalen, Doug. 2004. From the Field to the Archive. Presented at the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Boston, MA. URL

Note: Presentation at E-MELD Symposium on Endangered Data vs. Enduring Practice., http://emeld.org/events/lsa_symposium.cfm

Wu, J. 2004. Multimedia Format for the Linguistic Data. URL

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