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Local Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

Invited participants: We ask that you make your own travel arrangements; and we will reimburse you (up to the limit dictated by our travel budget) after the workshop is completed. Please contact Renee Galvis at renee@linguistlist.org for details about reimbursement. Renee also can answer any questions about travel arrangements.

Direction on how to get to the workshop:

Participants of the E-MELD workshop will be staying at Owen Graduate Center at MSU unless other arrangements have been made previously. Owen is located on the east side of campus on East Shaw Lane. To view the specific location of Owen on a campus map, go to http://www.msu.edu/dig/msumap/. Owen is located in the middle righthand section of this map, flanked by parking lots 22 and 23.

If you are flying in to Lansing, please take a taxi from the airport to Owen Graduate Center at MSU. You will be reimbursed for the cost of this travel (~$15 + tip) along with your other travel expenses after the workshop.

If you are driving to MSU, take I-96 to exit 106a, I-496/US 127. Take US 127 north to Trowbridge Road. Exit at Trowbridge and take Trowbridge to the right (east). This will take you into campus. When you reach Harrison Road, turn left (north). Take Harrison Road to Shaw Lane and turn right (east). Shaw Lane will take you through the center of campus and split into east bound and west bound traffic. Continue eastbound on Shaw Lane. You will come to a roundabout. Owen Graduate Center faces onto this roundabout. You can park temporarily at Owen to check in, but longterm parking on campus day and night is available in only four free lots on campus. They are lots 75, 83, 91, and 89. Of the free lots, 91 is the closest to Owen Graduate Center by far. It is in the lower righthand corner of the campus map. 89 and 83 are in the bottom center of the map, and 75 is in the upper left-hand corner.

We will provide complete information about the workshop and workshop materials as soon as you arrive at Owen. If you are not staying at Owen, you will receive your workshop materials at the first session on Friday, July 11th.

The closest local airport to Michigan State University is Lansing, Michigan (LAN). This is a small airport, but it is served by US Air, Northwest, United, and Continental, among others. For airport information, see http://www.capitalcityairport.com/. The Lansing airport is approximately 12 miles from MSU. Public transportation in the area is limited, however taxi service is readily available at the airport. Most taxi services offer a $15-20 flat rate from the airport to MSU campus.

We strongly recommend that you fly into Lansing. Detroit Metro airport (DTW) is 85 miles from MSU and there is no public transportation service from DTW to Lansing. Private charter rides to Lansing from Detroit Metro are costly ($125-$200 one-way) and the drive is 1 1/2 - 2 hours long. However, if you choose to fly into DTW, we can provide information to you about these transportation options.

More about travel [Map]


From the abstracts submitted, a short list of invited participants was prepared. For these invitees, we can provide accommodations at MSU. The accommodations consist of dormitory rooms--basic, but adequate. To make arrangements for one of these rooms, please contact Heather Taylor at heather@linguistlist.org.

We regret that our budget does not allow us to provide accommodations for everyone. However, we welcome the participation of all interested parties, whether specially invited or not.

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