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Instructions for Participants


All workshop presentations and activities are open to the public and we welcome the participation of all interested parties. If you would like to attend the workshop, feel free simply to join us in David Adamany Undergraduate Library at Wayne State University on July 15-18 (View Conference Program). If you would like to take part in the Working Groups, please notify Helen Aristar-Dry at hdry@linguistlist.org and also register online so that we can make sure that you are informed about the preparatory activities.


Participant Registration

Please register online. Administrative arrangements will be made using the online list, so be sure you register as soon as possible. Also, we would like participants to "meet" each other via our Participants page in advance of the workshop.

Participant Questionnaire

May we ask you to take a few minutes to fill out a brief questionnaire. It is found at:


Since this workshop is devoted to the construction and use of linguistic databases, we thought it would be helpful to find out how databases are currently being employed in the field. We know you are very busy, so--at the risk of oversimplifying--we have tried to make the questionnaire easy to answer quickly. We hope to be able to use your answers as the basis of a panel discussion which will give other linguists the benefit of your experience.

To view results of questionnaire:



This workshop is focused on a major task of the NSF-funded E-MELD grant project: the development and expansion of a central website dedicated to recommendations of best practice in digital language documentation (The School of Best Practice). For that reason, we will have only a small number of presentations, and we ask presenters to structure their talk in such a ways as to help us accomplish the specific goals associated with the larger project. If you were chosen to present, we ask that you make an effort in your talk to do the following:

    1   Please spend at least 3-5 minutes of your 20- minute presentation addressing how your work directly relates to the focus of this workshop, databases and best practice. If you can relate your work to the specific goals of the E-MELD project, we will be most grateful (to read the workshop proposal, go to http://emeld.org/documents.index.cfm and click on "EMELD Proposal").
    2   Please submit your completed paper in electronic form to the E-MELD site by June 1, 2004. Completed papers can be sent in Word or text format to workshop@linguistlist.org. Please use the same format as the papers from the 2003 workshop at http://emeld.org/workshop/2003/papers03.html. We will make your paper available on our website so that attendees can read it before the workshop. In this way, the Workshop participants can familiarize themselves ahead of time with each other's work, and you will have more time in your talk to address the issues which your research confronts.

Working Groups

Each of the working groups will focus on a different aspect of the E-MELD recommendations as presented in the School of Best Practices in Digital Language Documentation. As described in the E-MELD grant proposal, the School will "offer Endangered Language data marked up and catalogued according to community consensus about best practice; it will also disseminate reference material delineating best practice and software tools supporting it." (For the full proposal, go to http://emeld.org/documents/index.cfm and click on "EMELD Proposal")

For working roup assignments and more specific instructions , please CLICK HERE.

Each working group has been asked to discuss ways to update and expand the existing information in the School.We are hoping to get ideas and concrete suggestions, so that we can make the site a valuable educational and reference site for the discipline.


Participant Support

We can provide up to 3 nights accommodation in the St. Regis hotel for workshop participants. To secure this accommodation, you must register online (see the links at the bottom of this page) and also inform Naomi Fox, the Arrangements Coordinator, of your anticipated stay. Her email is fox@linguistlist.org.

In addition, we can provide a small travel stipend to invited speakers. Marie Klopfenstein <marie@linguistlist.org> will contact invited speakers about travel reimbursement amounts; please address questions to her.

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