Scott Farrar, University of Bremen

The GOLD Community Vision

The GOLD Community of Practice is proposed as a model for managing on-line linguistic data. The key components of the model include the linguistic data resources themselves and those focused on the knowledge derived from data. Data resources include the ever-increasing amount of linguistic field data (both legacy and best practice) and other language resources, such as WordNet, being migrated to the Web. The knowledge resources capture generalizations about the data and are anchored in the General Ontology for Linguistic Description, or GOLD . It is argued that such a model is in the spirit of E-MELD and recommendations for best practice, but also the vision for a Semantic Web as it provides a concrete methodology for rendering highly divergent resources interoperable. Furthermore, a methodology is given for creating specific communities of practice within the overall scientific domain of linguistics. The proposed model provides the foundation for a number of services including knowledge acquisition and search facilities.