William D. Lewis, California State University, Fresno

Taking Resources to the Brink of Interoperation: Profiles, Termsets and Best Practice Markup

Implementing the GOLD Community of Practice is an ambitious undertaking. Central to the task is building a linguistically diverse database of richly encoded data, upon which a number of tools and services are required, including those that migrate legacy data to best-practice, those that allow users to define terminology sets (termsets) and descriptive profiles, and those that provide for concept-based search. I suggest that a successful implementation can only be achieved if we leverage existing resources and tools wherever possible, and if the process of building the community model is approached incrementally, with each successive increment providing something of value in return for the investment of time and resources. In this talk, I will discuss the value of termsets and profiles in the context of best-practice markup and how these documents facilitate interoperation across linguistic resources. I will also show how each can be built and used, and how even partial implementations, including those built around legacy resources, can provide significant benefit to the linguistic community and can contribute to the overall goals of the GOLD Community.