William Lewis, Gregg Deslauriers, Hector Gonzalez & Sam Trenholme, California State University, Fresno

ODIN — The Online Database of Interlinear Text

Homepage: www.csufresno.edu/odin

ODIN, the Online Database of Interlinear text, is a repository of Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) extracted mainly from scholarly linguistic papers. The repository is both broad–coverage, in that it contains data for a variety of the world's languages (limited only by what data is available and what has been discovered), and rich, in that all data contained in the repository has been subject to linguistic analysis. Currently, ODIN houses over 14,000 instances of IGT drawn from 903 linguistic documents with over 400 languages represented.

ODIN was developed under the Data-Driven Linguistic Ontology Grant from NSF (BCS–0411348), with seed money provided by EMELD. Initially it was created to locate grammatical information contained in IGT for purposes of expanding GOLD and to test tools and services for the GOLD Community. Supplementary funds extended the mission to the expansion of the database itself, making it available to the linguistics public. Currently, users can locate documents and IGT by language, with future expansions allowing the auto–generation of language profiles and search across these profiles.