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Call for Participation

If you use morphological terms, you will be interested to know which ones have been proposed for GOLD. This emerging standard will allow comparison across large sets of languages with specified ways of determining morphological categories. If you are concerned about making linguistics more coherent and explicit, please plan to attend a working group. If you have a particularly challenging set of phenomena that you are sure are not yet covered, please bring it to a working group on the ontology. Limited support is available for workshop participants selected in advance. Please submit a short description of your work or research interests related to the themes of the workshop.

ADDRESS FOR SUBMISSION: emeld@linguistlist.org.
LENGTH: 300 words maximum.
DEADLINE: Mar 28, 2005.

Call for Papers

The workshop will begin with invited papers that explain how GOLD works and lay out the vision for a community of practice built around it. In addition we are soliciting papers on the theme of ontologies, and in particular linguistic ontologies, that could inform the foundation of the GOLD Community. Topics might include:

  • the nature of linguistic ontologies in general;
  • the place of linguistic concepts within existing upper ontologies;
  • specifications for the ontology of linguistic subdomains that are not yet covered by GOLD;
  • lessons learned in trying to apply GOLD to the annotation of linguistic resources;
  • reports on attempts to build tools or services based on GOLD;
  • methods of markup for linking resources to an ontology;
  • requirements for tools or services that will be needed by the GOLD community;
  • exploration of the "smart search" capabilities that a linguistic ontology will enable.
If you would like to make a 20 minute presentation at the workshop on such a topic, please send an abstract in Word, pdf, or plain text format to the organizing committee.

ADDRESS FOR SUBMISSIONS: emeld@linguistlist.org.
LENGTH: 500 words maximum.
DEADLINE: Mar 28, 2005.

Authors whose presentations are selected will be required to submit the full text of the paper by May 15, 2005, so that it can be published on the workshop website prior to the workshop itself.

For more information about the GOLD ontology, visit the GOLD project page. For more information about the E-MELD project, visit the E-MELD website, the School of Best Practice or e-mail us.

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